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The very need or necessity to have a gun at home is for safety and protection purposes. But how you keep it safe at the same time easily accessible at times of emergency is the big challenge in holding and owning a gun. This is a very important issue because unlike the specific places for the existence of firearms like police stations or army and border security camps, you always have the danger of breach and that too from the tiny hands. So more than your protection with the help of guns and their best hidden gun safes, it is the tool`s protection from the hands of the naughty children who are always notorious and try exploring things that are usually kept away from their reach.

A study revealed that most of the guns that were found present at homes at easily accessible spots by children were mostly loaded and kept unlocked making it easy for kids to use them. There are many child access prevention laws framed by the government for the protection of children against the use of guns and pistols. All these proved very useful and effective in reducing the number of unintentional shots and deaths mainly from the hands of children. These laws are not just for children but for anybody who comes under the minor category, for 18 is the right age for using guns or pistols and anybody found using them breaking the rules will come under strict regulations.

These laws and rules strictly recommend people using one to provide a lock for it and store in a place inaccessible by others for the safety of all. Now there are majorly two types of locks available for the guns- one for the triggers, the trigger locks that which can prevent the unintentional pulling of the trigger; second is the cable locks that which will prevent the shots from the pistol by stopping the barrel or the ammunition to escape from the gun.

The threatening part of all this is that none of these locks are difficult to unlock for every bit of information is available on the internet to which kids and youngsters have easy access. So nothing is impossible these days and even though you have the most sophisticated, highly secure locks for your gun, there are all possibilities that a third hand opens it up and uses it for self-destruction or for damage to the others. The manufacturers of these locks themselves give a manual to enlighten and educate the users on the locking and unlocking system which itself is a great threat to their usage. So the only way of keeping them safe from the dreadful hands is to either be without a gun or keep them in a place not reachable or unidentifiable by your kids.

Most of the locks that we think are very safe and difficult to open are actually easy to open since there are tools and equipment that can work wonders on any types of locks. So though the law says that you need to keep your guns and pistols locked, it is highly a questionable one. Technology has helped in having the safest locks for your guns, but the same technology also teaches how to breach and open the locks stealthily making the very purpose of the presence of the locks unsafe.


Laws to protect the abusive use

By looking into the grave situation, the US government came up with some laws for the protection of children from using the lethal weapons and these laws are not just for the owners but also for the manufacturers and retailers.

For the owners, it said that they should hold a valid license to own a gun and this had age restrictions. The license had to be renewed every now and then and the owner was required to present it to the licensing authority for a check whenever summoned.

Secondly, the manufacturers of such guns and pistols were required to follow certain rules and restrictions in the manufacture of the various parts. They were expected to follow certain standards and these had to pass through many tests and quality checks. Again the locks they provide for the safe storage were also to be of high standards and quality.

Retailers were also required to sell only quality products and those found breaching laws would be detained.

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